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Sam & Stephanie

Sam & Stephanie got married on probably the hottest day we’ve photographed a wedding this summer and that’s saying something since we’ve had one of the hottest summers on record here in Oregon this year. Sam, who was wearing a 3-piece suit — poor guy — carried around a hand held fan which helped keep him and Stephanie cool in between shots (and even during some as you can see below).  In the middle of the day, the plastic tables and chairs that were set up for the reception sat for a few solid hours in the direct sunlight and when you tried to pick them up to move them they would just bend in your hand. They were melting.

Unfavorable heat aside, Sam & Stephanie’s wedding was memorable for many other reasons. Their love for nature and plants made it’s way into the decorations by use of wood rounds and gorgeous local flowers and plants, everywhere. To symbolize their unity, the couple prepared and drank an exclusive blend of uni-tea ;) during their ceremony, which was also prepared for guests to take home as a favor. Evan’s parents were invited to the wedding as guests and took our daughter Lianna along to be a part of the festivities (she makes a guest appearance along with her grandparents in the dancing photos ). What a memory! Sam & Stephanie, you nuptial was as unique and beautiful as your love story. We are so thankful to have the privilege of sharing the memories made that day with you. We wish you all the best married life has to offer!