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  • Thanks for taking a look at our work. We are Evan and Melissa Roth. We specialize in capturing genuine moments through wedding photography. Our drive is to create photographs with timeless beauty that will be remembered and passed down by many future generations.

    We believe that photography itself doesn't change the world, but it reminds us how beautiful life is and of the purpose for which we are here.

    We are based in Salem, Oregon but we love to travel and we're up for anything.

    Our business isn't so much about us, it's more about you, our amazing subjects that have made this possible. We wouldn't be anywhere without you all and it has been incredible so far. Thank you!!

Sam & Stephanie

Every couple’s love story is unique. Sam & Stephanie are no exception to this especially when it comes to their shared hobby, collecting witches broom. What is witches broom, you may ask? As explained to us by Sam & Stephanie, it’s a mutated branch of a pine tree which due to the mutation is a completely new species of tree. These two love birds like to spend some of their free time harvesting these mutated branches. It is one of more unique hobbies that we’ve heard of, but it comes as little surprise upon learning that Sam & Stephanie first met in a horticulture class at OSU. These photos come from our time with Sam & Stephanie exploring the venue of their wedding this summer. As we explored the forested grounds of Canyonview Camp it became clear that they’ve chosen the perfect location to symbolize their passion for nature and their unique love story.

Sam & Stephanie – We had such a blast to spending time with the two of you. It was so easy to have fun with you (as evidenced by the best silly faces I think I have yet seen), which I am sure is just a reflection of the comfort the two of you share within your relationship. We are looking forward to seeing you again on the big day!