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Matt & Rachel

We meet a lot of couples each with a unique love story. While Matt & Rachel are no exception to that, Evan and I (Melissa) felt that we our relationship connected with Matt & Rachel’s in a few ways: 1| Matt comes from a big family with several siblings and lots of nieces and nephews while Rachel comes from a relatively smaller family, much like Evan and me. 2| They met in high school and starting dating after they graduated. Evan and I met in middle school, but close enough ;) 3| They got married on the same day we did! August 7th is an awesome day and we’re happy to share it with an awesome couple. Our song was even played during the reception!

Matt & Rachel thank you for sharing your special day with us, literally. We wish you guys all the best! By the way, you guys will make great parents some day — I feel like I can say than now that I’m a mom ;) Seriously though, I couldn’t help but think that after seeing you two interacting with your nieces and nephews. Congrats again!