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  • Thanks for taking a look at our work. We are Evan and Melissa Roth. We specialize in capturing genuine moments through wedding photography. Our drive is to create photographs with timeless beauty that will be remembered and passed down by many future generations.

    We believe that photography itself doesn't change the world, but it reminds us how beautiful life is and of the purpose for which we are here.

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    Our business isn't so much about us, it's more about you, our amazing subjects that have made this possible. We wouldn't be anywhere without you all and it has been incredible so far. Thank you!!

Mat & Becca

This year we have had the opportunity to photograph so many unique weddings. It is such a pleasure to witness the creativity that couples use to make their day reflect their styles, tastes and personalities as a couple. Mat & Becca’s wedding was no exception to this trend. There were so many fun details that were integrated into their big day that you couldn’t help but feel that you knew them so much better by simply being there. So, here’s a few things we learned about Mat & Becca: 1| Family is important to them. Not only did Mat & Becca’s family members play an important role in the wedding ceremony, but they were also a big part of bringing the day together by sharing special cookie recipes for the ‘cookie shop’ and family heirlooms to be displayed during the reception and  at the end of the day, Mat’s grandpa’s beautifully restored car was used to whisk the couple away. 2| The future is important to them. This is evident in the fact that both Mat & Becca have invested a lot into the lives of young people. Becca is currently a middle school choir teacher (one of her choirs provided music for the occasion) and Mat spent many years as a youth pastor and Young Life leader for high schoolers in the area.  3| Their faith is important to them. During the ceremony Mat & Becca, who will begin the journey of planting a new church in the Salem area, invited some of their former pastors who had an impact on their lives to come up and pray with them. 4| Building is important to them. Many of the props seen in the photos below were built or created by Mat & Becca. Like, the wooden arbor which stood at the beginning of the isle, the pallet back drop and the potted flowers which lined the isle. The even cooler thing is that these props are now things that they decorate their home with. 5| Their marriage is important to them. From the first look to the getaway, the excitement Matt & Becca had for one another on the day that they were committing themselves to each other in marriage was beautiful and impossible to ignore. Matt & Becca, thank you for the honor of allowing us to capture all the special moments of your day. We wish you all the best! – Evan & Melissa