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  • Thanks for taking a look at our work. We are Evan and Melissa Roth. We specialize in capturing genuine moments through wedding photography. Our drive is to create photographs with timeless beauty that will be remembered and passed down by many future generations.

    We believe that photography itself doesn't change the world, but it reminds us how beautiful life is and of the purpose for which we are here.

    We are based in Salem, Oregon but we love to travel and we're up for anything.

    Our business isn't so much about us, it's more about you, our amazing subjects that have made this possible. We wouldn't be anywhere without you all and it has been incredible so far. Thank you!!

Brady & Tianna

What a day! It was sunny and sixty-eight degrees on Brady & Tianna’s wedding day on the first Saturday in March in the Willamette Valley. It looks like luck may be on our side this year (knock on wood)! Gorgeous weather aside, Brady & Tianna’s wedding was spectacular for several reasons: 1) The decorative theme of the wedding was soft and romantic with pastel pink and ivory. Reception tables were topped with roses, teacups and old books. The sunlight which streamed through the ballroom windows into the reception illuminated everything, accentuating the theme. I (Melissa) thoroughly enjoyed basking in it all. 2) Brady & Tianna did a no-see ‘first-look’ which put a fun twist on the presently popular first-look. Brady & Tianna got to spend some time talking and easing each others nerves before the ceremony, but didn’t actually see one another until Tianna was coming down the isle. The best of both worlds, really. 3) There were a lot of friends and family behind the scenes helping to make sure Brady & Tianna’s wedding was perfect for them. It was so special to witness the expression of love for Brady & Tianna in this way. 4) We met up with Brady & Tianna a week after their nuptials to do a post-wedding bridal shoot which was great. This allowed them to have more time to budget towards other things on the wedding day and we were able to capture some beautiful portrait without the wedding day stress! 5) We had our first legitimate photobomb and this guy was a professional. Seriously, he had fake teeth!

Brady & Tianna, thank you for sharing your special day with us. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into the beautiful love you share with each other and with your precious daughter, Alli. We wish you all the best as you embark on this new chapter of your lives!

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